Buy/Sell Webmoney (WMZ) with Iranian Rial

WebMoney or An Internet currency system was launched in 1998 in Moscow. The currency of this currency is WM for short. You do not need a bank account or credit card to use this payment or web account opening system. With Buy Web Money You can recharge your account as much as you want and buy Webmoney WMZ or Sell your webmoney to us and receive Rial. Webmoney Payment is fast and easy and you can exchange Webmoney to IRR automatically after your account has been verified.

Buy Webmoney Rate
240,000 IRR = 1 WMZ
Sell Webmoney Rate
1 WMZ = 236,000 IRR

Buy Webmoney WMZ with Iranian Rial (Fast and Automatically)

If you want to top up your WebMoney account, you can buy WebMoney in dollars or Euros or any other common currency accepted by WebMoney, via GiftGift in the shortest possible time and easily. After completing the online application for purchasing WebMoney and paying the charge amount in Rials, your WebMoney account will be charged automatically.

Purchasing WebMoney and recharging your WebMoney account will be paid automatically by the system after payment.

Sell WebMoney to GiftGift and receive IRR

If you want to convert your capital available as WebMoney Inventory into a currency or sell your WebMoney Inventory, you can do so via GiftGift as soon as possible. . After completing the online application for selling WebMoney and depositing the desired amount from your WebMoney account to the WebMoney GiftGift account, the payment process will start for you and it may take up to one business day. Making money through web hosting is one of the ways to earn foreign exchange that you can easily sell your webmoney with GiftGift.

How WebMoney Payment System Works

Use and work with Web Money It is simple and offers various financial services for the convenience of its users.

When opening a WebMoney account, select the currency you want to trade. In using the system, you are dealing with a concept called purse. If the currency used in your account is USD, WMZ wallet, Euro, WME wallet, Belarusian ruble, WMB wallet and WMG wallet for gold share. We'll go into more detail about the different types of wallets to use on WebMoney.

after Web Money Account Opening You will receive a unique WMID that actually has the same account number for you, and by presenting it to another person, it is possible to transfer money to your account. Similarly, to deposit money to another person who has a WebMoney account, you need that person's WMID.


Offered goods and services are provided not at the order of an individual or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent enterprise providing services and making independent decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises, operating the WebMoney Transfer System, do not receive any fees or other remuneration for participation in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activity.
Accreditation performed by WebMoney Transfer exclusively to confirm our contact details and verify the identity. It is performed at our will and does not mean that we in any way are connected with the sales conducted by the WebMoney System operators.

Different types of WebMoney wallets

The WebMoney system currently supports the following wallets, each of which accepts a specific currency for use.

Purse Currency Description
Z-Purse WMZ A confirmation to buy specific products and services that are only in US dollars
E-Purse WME E-money in euros
R-Purse WMR A check carrying Russian rubles
B-Purse WMB Electronic money to the Belarusian ruble
G-Purse WMG Gold Certificate Storage in Gold Exchange Trading in an Approved Source
X-Purse WMX Bitcoin coins transferred for storage
H-Purse WMH Bitcoin cache coins transferred for storage
L-Purse WML Lithuanian coins transferred for storage
V-Purse WMV E-money at Vietnamese dong

WebMoney users can open any type of wallet they want.